1. These general purchase conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “GPC”) shall apply to all products, accessories or services (“Goods”) that are sold by the seller (“Supplier”) to the customer (“Purchaser”).

2. GPC, together with Purchaser specific conditions contained in its order confirmation (“Order”) and only such other documents, as are specifically incorporated herein by reference, constitute the entire agreement between Purchaser and Supplier, and supersede, in their entirety, any other conflicting terms and conditions proposed by Supplier and any oral or written communications that are not expressly incorporated herein. In the case that the Supplier receives an Order without Order Confirmation the GPC are considered to be part of the agreement if the Supplier already has supplied material to the Purchaser. 

3. Any exception or modification to the GPC, which take the form of a Specific Conditions will only, be valid if made in writing, accepted and signed by the legal representatives of the two parties. 

4. Will void any conditions or specifications that the Supplier will enter into any kind of documentation that are conflicting with the provisions of the GPC or Order. 

5. No additions to or variations from the terms hereof, whether set forth in Supplier offer or confirmation order or in any other documents, including shipping documents, shall be binding unless expressly agreed in writing by the Purchaser. 

6. If any of GPC or part thereof shall be determined to be void, unenforceable or illegal in whole or contained in part, such determination shall not affect the validity of the other terms and conditions herein. 

7. In case of conflict between the provisions in the Order and the wording of the present GPC the provisions in the Order shall prevail.