The structures developed by Metalogalva in the field of renewable energies are the culmination of 47 years of development of steel structures. Supported by a competent engineering department, each structure is developed according to customer requirements as well as the norms in force according to the installation local.

This way we guarantee the presentation of the best technical and commercial solution adjusted to the customer requirements. In the dimensioning of the various structures, aspects such as modularity, ease of assembly and durability are essential points in order to guarantee the best performance during the lifetime of the installation.

To provide the development of the project a form with all the necessary elements for the design of the intended structures is available to the client. Nowadays Metalogalva provides solutions applied in different types of installations. From the range of products we single out the following solutions:

∙Fixed structures
∙Solar carport
∙Photovoltaic lighting columns

Steel Solutions

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