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Engineering and Project

Metalogalva is active in the design and manufacture of metal structures. It has a highly qualified Technical Department with several engineers capable of providing global and innovative engineering solutions, particularly in the metal-mechanical construction segments, as well as testing prototypes in terms of assembly and/or structural strength.

The products developed have applications in various fields of activity, including energy, lighting, telecommunications, road and rail and renewables.



As a result of an extensive experience acquired over the years, Metalogalva uses methodologies and efficient manufacturing techniques, which complemented with the ability of experienced workers, is reflected in the creation of high quality products.

Concerning to the materials, construction details and finishes, the requirement is high, in order to offer customers a product of great confidence in the structure and functionality.

To optimize the technical means Metalogalva offers the following services:
Longitudinal and transverse cutting of coil sheet, Sheet cutting (guillotine, laser, oxyfuel cutting, and plasma), Profile cutting and drilling, Sheet bending, Longitudinal welding (laser, MIG MAG, and submerged arc), Automatic welding, Stamping, Bending, Profiling, Turning, and Machining.


Hot Dip Galvanizing

The longevity, resulting from applications of an anti-corrosive hot dip galvanizing process, is one of the characteristics of the products Metalogalva.

Treatment of electroplating, which is characterized by a metallic bonding between the steel part to galvanize and zinc, specially by immersing the piece in a bath of molten zinc at aproximately 450ºC, confers to the products made from steel, a corrosion resistance which is not reachable by any other process, and which complements the quality and durability of them.

The Metalogalva is equipped with a modern galvanizing equipments for hot dips, where, in addition to galvanizing their own production, also provides this service to external clients. The equipments can process parts with measures to 12500x1850x2600mm.

Installed capacity: 60.000 t/year;
Maximum Capacity Weight Parts: 10 t;
Maximum length: 18 m (other measures under/request);
Relevant/Special Facts: Galvanizing by double immersion; Centrifuge Galvanizing;


Uniform Protection
All surfaces of a hot galvanized component are protected both internally and externally, including recesses, corners and areas inaccessible to the application of other coating methods.
Low Maintenance / Lower Cost in the long term
Galvanization presents lower maintenance costs over the life of the component / structure.
Lower Initial Cost
Very competitive costs when compared to other forms of protection specified in steel protection.
Environmental Contamination
The coating is non-toxic and contains no volatile substances.
The coating obtained by hot dip galvanizing is metallurgically bound to the steel substrate.
Speed In Coating Application
The galvanized coating is applied in minutes. A traditional painting system can take several days. The application of galvanized coating is not dependent on atmospheric conditions.
Long Life
The life expectancy of galvanized coatings applied over structural components exceeds 40 years in most rural environments, and lies between 10 and 30 years in most aggressive urban and coastal environments.



The product exposure to an  environment whose characteristics advise a supplement to the corrosion, or to respond to requests for esthetics, the Metalogalva enforces a duplex system, characterized by the application of paint on parts zinc coated paint booth with a controlled environment (liquid or electrostatic paiting).

The application of duplex systems follows a judicious choice of paint schemes and the preparation of specific requirements.


The Unit of electrostatic painting is totally automatic, in an area of implementation of approximately 1700m², allowing the painting of parts with lengths up to 12,5m. This painting process is intended to provide to the steel pieces a polymer term hardened coating, by electrostatic sprinkling, and with a final homogeneous and resistant finishing.

Metalogalva System COATECTION, offers a choice between smooth or aerated finishes, as well as special options of protection against extremely corrosive environments and anti-graffiti and anti-sticker protection. It offers different paint schemes for different grades of durability, different categories of corrosivity and desired coating thickness, in a wide range of colors.

Installed capacity: 300.000 m²/ano
Maximum Load per rack: 1500kg
Useful paint dimensions: 12500x800x1900 mm (L x W x H)



Through its extensive fleet and the versatility of its many specialized partners, Metalogalva ensures the safe transport of any load regardless of size or weight.

Whenever required makes the integrated management of all means of transport by road, rail, sea or air, from the origin to destination, ensuring, through its network of partners, the logistics organization.