Coatection Complete

This painting system named COATECTION allows an homogeneous and resistant coating even on the most difficult surfaces offering the possibility to be obtained in smooth or sanded surface textures.
Other special options are the protection against graffiti and stickers or the protection against extremely corrosive environments. On those environments it is recommended to complete the protection of the galvanized coating with a suitable painting scheme for those conditions – COATECTION STRONG.
COATECTION provides a longer and less expensive protection than other anti-corrosion systems meeting as well the aesthetic requirements. It offers several coating schemes for different levels of durability, categories of corrosivity and even coating thicknesses, all of this in an extended range of colours.



coatection PURE
Standard powdercoating for corrosivity class 1-3
coatection STRONG
Standard powdercoating for corrosivity class 4-5
coatection CHAMPION
Top coating for extreme environments with sand, salt and big differencies in temperature
coatection COMPLETE
Powdercoating including antigraffiti and antisticker application
coatection PRESTIGE
Powdercoating with special glamour effects or gloomy shimmers