Metalogalva has an high knowledge in the dimensionning and production of steel structures for transmission and distribution power lines. In its activities, it stands out as a major supplier of Portuguese operators (REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais / EDP - Energias de Portugal), as well as in its participation in various international projects.


The power sector is generally divided into the activities of generation, transmission and distribution. The Metalogalva produces the metal structures for power lines. In Portugal, has been the principal supplier of EDP (Electricidade de Portugal) operators ( ordinary regime and the national grid) and REN (national electrical network ).

In the manufacturing processes the company follow the rules  and recommendations usually adopted by Distribution and Transport of Electricity operators in Portugal or any other country – project on demand.

The company has a technical team capable of developing structural analysis and calculations of scaling in accordance with different specifications, standards and regulations.


The high power lines or transport are those which nominal voltage is equal or higher than 60 kV.

These lines link the production centers (thermal, hydro, wind) to substations or between several substations.

They are usually overhead, however, can be undergroundirlines, they are constituted by supports, normally metallic, with drivers suspended or supported by insulators. In this context the Metalogalva includes in its portfolio the tubular poles mains voltages up to 400kV.

The tubular poles are generally used in urban areas where space is limited or costly deployment.

Such structures are also very competitive comparing the posts of concrete especially when they are transported by sea to their final destination.


A Substation is a high-power electrical installation, containing equipment for transmission, distribution, protection and control of electrical power.

Works as a point of control and transfer in a power transmission system, controlling and directing the energy flow, changing the voltage levels and functioning as delivery points to industrial consumers. 

Also in this field, Metalogalva has justified prestige by the key players because they deserve all the credit in the fabrication of steel structures to support lines and supports for different equipment control system incorporating the substations.

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