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Metalogalva has a range of columns for street lighting (roads, public gardens) and high masts (football stadiums, multi-purpose sports halls, airports, port facilities, car parks, bus and train stations).

Company invests in standardization of projects, CE Marking, diversity of solutions and high quality standards.

Regarding the public lighting masts, there are specific community legislation and normalization, the same being covered by the norm EN 40 and the directive 89/106/CE – Construction Products.

In this context the designed and produced columns by Metalogalva, according to the norm EN 40, are submitted to the Verification of Conformity in accordance to EN 40-5.

Metalogalva’s columns are dimensioned according to the norm EN40-5; except for the series CRS0, CRS1, CRS2, CAS1, CAS2 whose legal integration in the norm EN 40 is not possible.

For these cases the following European norms are applied:
EN 1991-1-4 Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures – Part 1-4: Wind action
EN 1993-1-1 Eurocode 3: Project of Steel Structures

The CE conformity marking is performed for only one use condition and in case you want the certificate you may request it to our technical services. The maximum values for the wind exposure of the floodlights for different use conditions are presented according the requirements of the norm EN 40-5 (if applicable).

The European norm EN40 classifies the columns according to the following criteria:


Safety Class/Resistance (5.4 of the EN40-3-3:2003)

Class Partial Safety Coefficient (Y)
Permanent action (Yw)  Wind Action (Yw)
A 1.2 1.4
B 1.2 1.2

Deformability Class (6.5.1 of the EN40-3-3:2003) (6.5.1 da EN40-3-3:2003)

Class 1 2 3
Maximum Horizontal deformation 0.04* (h+w) 0.06* (h+w) 0.10* (h+w)

h – nominal height of column  w- horizontal projection of bracket

Columns and Towers
for Public Lighting

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