Smartlamppost – Making Smart Cities Come True

Smartlamppost is a joint venture between three of the most important players in Europe, in metal structures, Telecoms, Power and Smart Cities. Allowing a merge of skills, capabilities and market presence that will endow Smartlamppost with the right tools to become a reference for.

“Street Level

Smartlamppost is a modular concept of urban furniture allowing Municipalities, Tower and Infrastructures companies to future-proof their offer with a wide range of flexible and high-end housing solutions. That will allow to accommodate all the needs of a Smart City.

Following a simple modular approach, with scalability in mind it offers an easy to mix-and-match modules in elegant and clean solutions . This will allow all smart cities and street level service providers (telecom, ev-charging, CCTV, Street lighting,…) to share the same infrastructure with cost sharing.

Marketplace Platform

Smartlamppost solutions are complemented with a management platform that allows tenants and owners/landlords to perform lease and asset management tasks.
It also offers a marketplace where Smartlamppost solutions owners can promote their resources in order to engage with new tenants.


  • Infrastructure Marketplace
  • Lease and contracts management
  • Infrastructure health monitoring
  • Integrated third-party asset monitoring
  • Billing control
  • Energy consumption monitoring