Metalogalva participates in innovative project that “electrifies” highways in Germany

Metalogalva partners with the German company Siemens to develop pioneering technology that aims to reduce polluting gases released by trucks.

Metalogalva, a VigentGroup company, has, for several years, supported a cutting-edge work by Siemens, Germany, among the leading European players in the field of steel engineering and protection. The participation consisted in the supply of galvanized cylindrical poles for the operationalization of the E-Highway system, a pioneering technology that aims to reduce local emissions of CO2 and nitrogen oxides, launched by lorries carrying goods.

This concept has already been implemented in the United States of America, Sweden and now reaches Germany as Field Test E-Highway Schleswig-Holstein. Addressing the practical part of the project, about ten kilometres of overhead lines were installed along a stretch of the A1 highway near Lübeck to power cargo trucks. The cables will be supported by the poles on the side of the road and the electricity passing through them will be used to power the electric motors of specially equipped trucks, by so-called pantographs, mounted on top of the driver’s cab. When the vehicle is not connected to the airline system, it shall be powered by an alternative propulsion system.

VigentGroup and its expertise were chosen to contribute to this innovative work. Thanks to the excellent work of its subsidiary in Germany, Metalogalva GMBH, VG supplied the whole line, which represents the implementation of 241 galvanised cylindrical poles, with an approximate value of EUR 700,000.

The solution to be tested can mainly be applied to roads where a large number of lorries are operating, since their contribution to reducing pollutant emissions and carbon dioxide will be quite significant. It has already been proven that 30% of lorries in Germany would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 6 million a year.

Metalogalva is thus the partner of a sustainable project, currently being tested in Germany.

More information about the Field Test E-Highway Schleswig-Holstein: