August 23, 2019 mtgadmin

Trofa company finds solution to save reindeer in Norway – Semanário V

The metalworking company Metalogalva, based in Trofa, has been working since 2016 on a project to install new electricity transmission lines during the winter, thus protecting the environment, as they run on thick snow above the reindeer pastures,” the administrator of the Trofa company told Lusa.

António Pedro says that the “project will run until 2019” and “represents a cash inflow of eight million euros”. The company is carrying out the work in northern Norway, in “areas subject to environmental protection due to reindeer migration, with the aim of interfering as little as possible with the animals’ movement.

The entrepreneur explains that the reindeer migrate in the spring and fall, when they seek cooler temperatures and return in the summer. To do this, the Norwegians started working at the coldest times, when the reindeer are in another region.

“Instead of using concrete, because at temperatures of minus 40 it’s impossible to concrete, they started using metal pipe foundations, produced at Metalogalva, for the power transmission poles,” he said.

Winner of a “tender which, in addition to defining the price and delivery time, focused a lot on the ecological footprint of transportation”, the Portuguese company had to “indicate how it would carry out the logistics part in order to estimate the carbon dioxide emissions”.

“We had to minimize ground transport as much as possible, and the approved method cannot be changed until the end of the contract,” said the administrator.