August 23, 2019 mtgadmin

Pilot project in Guimarães installs poles with 5G network and chargers for electric vehicles – Smart Cities

Yesterday, the municipality of Guimarães started the Guimarães 5G Ready pilot project, which involves the implementation of poles equipped with a 5G network that will allow, among other things, the charging of electric vehicles and the transmission of high-speed mobile data. The initiative is possible through a partnership with the Smart Lamppost consortium, which brings together the companies Ubiwhere, PROEF and Metalogalva.

The moment chosen was the semi-final of the Nations League soccer tournament, a match between the Dutch and English national teams that brought thousands of fans from these countries to Guimarães. In one of the fan zones created in the city, poles were installed with 5G data transmission technology, which allowed the transmission of video in high quality and in real time, using video streaming.

The Smart Lamppost poles are not exclusive to any communications operator in Portugal, so they could also serve as a platform for further tests in the future, placing the city of Guimarães at the forefront of the national 5G network.

The public presentation of this pilot project, entitled Guimarães 5G Ready, took place today at 11 a.m. in Guimarães City Park. This pilot was developed by the Smart Lamppost consortium, which brings together the smart cities software company Ubiwhere, the information technology company PROEF and Metalogalva, a metal structure manufacturing company.